AAI Tubular Ball Type Rail Type AA700 Mild Steel Handrails and Guardrails

Mild steel handrails in water treatment plant

Mild Steel Handrails and Guardrails

This mild steel handrail system is widely used in civil and industrial environments. All parts are totally pre- fabricated before delivery in accordance with bespoke drawings prepared for every individual contract.

Each piece of handrail is marked to facilitate identification, this in conjunction with the drawings provided, ensure quick trouble free assembly. Generally handrails should be not less than two rails in the same plane, however on companion way ladders and on stairs bounded by a wall a single handrail should be fitted. Handrails should be continuous and to avoid injury or damage, rails should terminate in a returned end.

When designing fixings, connections, supporting brackets and other supports, the design loads for the components should be multiplied by an additional nominal factor of 1.5 (BS6180). We recommend that the spacing of standards with fixings to concrete should not exceed 1.5 metres to limit stress on fixings.

Handrail standard make up will vary according to the shank type require for the determined loading / specification. This will affect in turn the ball diameter needed.

Base plates will normally be welded on to the shanks and drilled to received M12/M16 bolts as required. Larger / thicker bases may be required to those shown for heavier duty loading.

Handrail standards will usually be supplied Galvanised to BS EN ISO1461, but can be supplier either self colour or primer painted, (for site finishes). Loadings should be a defined in BS6180, BS EN ISO14122, BS5395 Part 3 & BS EN 6399 Part 1:1991


Tubular and solid standards.

Max spacing based on a design height of 1100mm, standards complete with a flat base, secured to steelwork. Note where handrail heights exceed 1100mm spacing's should be checked for suitability.

Loads are unfactored – please contact us should factored loading be required.

Our team of highly experienced staff are here to design, project manage, manufacture and install mild steel handrail and guardrail
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