Aluminium Marine Bridges and Walkways - AAI Type AA450

Aluminium Marine Bridges and Walkways

Aluminium Marine Bridges and Walkways

AA450 Marine Walkways further expand the range of products available. Designed for access to floating jetties, pontoons, or rafts, these walkways / bridges are again supplied to suit each individual application. With a fixed point swivel anchorage one end and rollers the other, this enables the walkways to self adapt to the fluctuating water levels that tide produce, as well as allowing pontoon or raft the movement required when buoyant.

Utilising high grade aluminium materials, AAI offer bespoke fabrications to suit each requirement.

Aluminium's excellent properties allow fewer design constraints. With aluminium's low density and therefore low weight but high strength, malleability, ease of machining and excellent corrosion resistance and reflectivity make AAI's aluminium marine walkway system a much more favourable choice over traditional materials such as steel, concrete, GRP and Timber.

Again, due to its density, these aluminium walkways offer a considerably more lightweight product, which will provide easier installation, lower plant costs and will impose less loading on the structure concerned.

Although aluminium provides its own corrosion resistance via oxidisation, provided with an anodised finish, this enhances the strength of the natural corrosion protection to give a long term sustained resistance to the environment.

Each walkway is designed with full calculations and stress analysis of all members and sections, in order to keep weight to a minimum, whilst retaining the strength required for the required loadings imposed.

Full CAD drawings are provided in line with the design giving layouts, sections, elevations and details for client approval, prior to the manufacturing process.

AAI offer a full installation service using dedicated installation crews. Alternately, in conjunction with our Installation Manual and the assistance of one of our qualified Engineers, we will guide you through the installation processes required to ensure a safe and correct fit of the product on site.

Load test reports by Lloyds British available upon request.

Our team of highly experienced staff are here to design, project manage, manufacture and install Aluminium Marine Bridges and Walkways
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